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is a hotel company unlike any other. Having formed an alliance with Time, Inc. the two companies will create a series of Lifestyle Hotel Brands that capture and embrace the desires, the needs, the interests of a particular lifestyle group, whether an Southern Living follower, a Travel & Leisure aficionado, a Sport Illustrated sports fan, or a Coastal Living devotee. Each hotel will embody the style of that particular brand and immerse each hotel guest in a living theater where they get to actively participate in the ambiance and culture of a particular lifestyle.


The 35 lifestyle media brands of Time Inc. touch one of every two adults in the United States every day.
The branding power of the lifestyle media outlets of Time, Inc. bring a very unique advantage to the Lifestyle + Hotel Group that is beyond the reach of the lifestyle brands promoted by traditional hotel brands. Unlike the complimentary membership to hotel loyalty programs the audiences of these Time Inc. brands subscribe to these uniquely themed magazines and media outlets. They, by their single act of paying to be part of one of these brands, create a very specific and loyal market whose database that can be used to attract potential hotel consumers who have self quantified their preferences, their passions and what is important to them as an individual.

The Joys Of Life. The Art Of Service.

Lifestyle + Hotel Group created handcrafted hotel collections that satisfy the core desires of the experientially motivated traveler.

The Power of Loyal Brand Followers

Access to over 62 million engaged and enthusiastic subscribers that have trusted these brands for decades :

Southern Living Hotels

20 Million Followers

Sports Illustrated Hotels

18 Million Followers

Coastal Living Hotels

7 Million Followers

 Travel & Leisure Hotels

17 Million Followers

Former Affiliates