Lifestyle + Hotel Group Brand Pillars

Inspired, Intimate, Irreplaceable

Our goal at Lifestyle + Hotel Group is simple – but simple is often the most complicated concept to achieve:

“Each guest is treated to an individualized personal experience orchestrated by a team of dedicated hoteliers and restaurateurs.”


Each of our hotels celebrate the sense of style and persona embodied in Lifestyle Brand purposely selected for each property. They celebrate the local culture; they become a local landmark that is a source of pride for the community; and most importantly they embrace the unique desires and needs of the followers of the Lifestyle Brand.


Our hotels are of a size that allows our associates the ability to develop a personal connection with each of our guests to establish a relationship that allows us to create experiences that are truly memorable and uniquely tailored to each person.


No matter where each of our properties are they must represent a “sense of place” embodies the culture of that location and reflect a physical product and an operating spirit that makes them unique and fulfilling to our guests, to our associates, and to our partners.


Coastal Living Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the vibrant Arts District of New Orleans the first Coastal Living Hotel will have 150 suites with views of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter.


Sports Illustrated Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This project will be arguably one of the hottest new hotels to hit Las Vegas in years as Sports Illustrated comes to “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

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