Lifestyle Hotels

The Lifestyle niche has gained momentum in recent years and has evolved into an established category of hotels.

The travel industry of the 21st century has been marked by a rising consumer demand geared toward the desire for unique travel experiences based on originality, design, authenticity, and cultural connections. Consequently, the definition of luxury has evolved as it is no longer solely about opulence and wealth, as the traditional connotation suggests, but is instead about a stimulating and innovative environment, enhanced by a sense of belonging and style.

The concept of the Lifestyle Hotels has been trending over the past twenty years. Originally clustered in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, and Miami, where the “young and hip” tend to congregate we have seen in recent years not only has the trend expanded to secondary urban markets but has seen rapid growth in destination resorts. Major hotel brands have seen both an increase in the market share and consumer demand for unique “independent” hotels and have reacted to that by launching new “lifestyle” brands that have received solid market acceptance. However these new large brand sponsored lifestyle products are simply a collection of independent hotels which share no real common vision nor operating philosophies but are bound by only by a single common thread of participating in the large brand’s consumer loyalty programs.


The Lifestyle Hotel market segment will continue to grow at exponential rates and the winner in this category will be the company that marries a specific, quantifiable lifestyle persona with cutting edge hotels that are driven to deliver personalized travel experiences to each guest. It is our view that obsession with the providing tailor made guest experiences, delivery of what you promised and commitment to the tried and true operating philosophies and disciplines found in all great hotels and resorts will  prove to be the formula for success going forward.


Coastal Living Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the vibrant Arts District of New Orleans the first Coastal Living Hotel will have 150 suites with views of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter.


Sports Illustrated Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This project will be arguably one of the hottest new hotels to hit Las Vegas in years as Sports Illustrated comes to “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

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