What is unique about the lifestyle hotel brands being developed by Lifestyle + Hotel Group?

First of all, it is important to realize that the new lifestyle brands being promoted by the large hotel companies are just that — brands. What is truly different about one big brand hotel room product or guest amenities from another big brand? For many years, the answer has been “nothing.” In fact, one day a hotel might be one brand and the next day another. Who can blame the consumer for finding these products to be a commodity with little or no distinction other than the color of the sign or the frequent traveler program that they provide?


The lifestyle brands have changed that. At least the real ones have. Virtually by definition, they appeal to a particular demographic, and have unique design, amenity, configuration and functionality that better serves the targeted demographic. But it is more than just “art” or design it is about creating a totally integrated personal travel experience.

It has usually taken years, perhaps decades to establish a brand. It also usually takes many millions of dollars. Establishing consumer name recognition and trust is normally a long and expensive process. But the new lifestyle hotel brands to be developed by Lifestyle + Hotel Group and Time, Inc. will jump over these hurdles of time and money by establishing relatively quickly consumer recognition through leveraging the power of the decades of trust built up between the iconic lifestyle brands of Time, Inc. and their dedicated subscriber base. Working with the editors and design teams of the media brands the hotel design and programming team at Lifestyle Hotel Group will create and deliver tailor made hotel environments. Physical spaces that appeal to the core desires of the targeted consumer markets will work hand in hand with programming, guest amenities, guest services and special events that are tailored to satisfy the exact demographic demands and needs of the target market.

The result will be a hotel brands that have immediate market recognition and acceptance and bring the attention of millions of potential hotel visitors to each property on Day One.



Coastal Living Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the vibrant Arts District of New Orleans the first Coastal Living Hotel will have 150 suites with views of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter.


Sports Illustrated Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

This project will be arguably one of the hottest new hotels to hit Las Vegas in years as Sports Illustrated comes to “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

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