Hospitality Industry Notables Announce Formation of Lifestyle+Hotel Group

Visionary Hotel Creator Bill Shoaf & Financing Wunderkind Russ Taylor Join Forces with Time Inc. to Add New Series of World-Class “Crown-Jewel” Lifestyle Hotels to Long String of Wins.



Wednesday, August 9 (Rosemary Beach, FL) – Today, Bill Shoaf and Russ Taylor announced the creation of their new company, Lifestyle+Hotel Group. The company mission is creation and management of “hotels that celebrate the essence of iconic lifestyle brands.”

Lifestyle + Hotel Group is a hotel company unlike any other. Having formed an alliance with Time, Inc. the two companies will create a series of Lifestyle Hotel Brands that capture and embrace the desires, the needs, and the interests of a particular Time Inc. lifestyle group. The synergy of Time, Inc. lifestyle brand power and the hotel culture of LHG founders is the foundation for the company name and its logo. It is not “Lifestyle Hotels” but is in fact “Lifestyle” + “Hotel”. It is the culture of understanding and embracing the desires, the needs, the interests of a particular lifestyle group, whether a Sport Illustrated sports fan or a Coastal Living follower, and creating a hotel that embodies the style of the each media brand and immerses each hotel guest in a living lifestyle theater that they are actively welcomed to participate in.

Lifestyle+Hotel Group anticipates its first two hotels will be located on two of the most colorful and lively spots in the US: The first Sports Illustrated Hotel will be on the Las Vegas Strip, and the first Coastal Living Hotel in the New Orleans Arts District. Details of the projects currently in development are available at the company’s web site The new company is headquartered in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Bill Shoaf has a long string of beloved and iconic luxury hotels under his belt, including his last heralded achievement, The Pearl, opened by Shoaf in 2014, which originally brought Shoaf to Florida’s 30A and where he still makes his home. “Creating great hotels and all the details that make them great is a vital and all-encompassing labor of love, vision and teamwork, and The Pearl’s immediate and on-going stature as a regional sensation has been very rewarding and gratifying,” said Shoaf. “It’s hard to not be itching to do it again.”

For Shoaf, The Pearl was simply the latest is a string of hotel and hospitality successes envisioned and shepherded to creation, including Park City, Utah’s iconic Sky Lodge; Robert Redford’s master-planned, ultra-chic Sundance Resort in Utah; San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara’s hideaway for Hollywood’s rich and famous; Bermuda’s stunning The Elbow Beach; and Mauna Lani Hotel & Bungalows on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shoaf will hold the title of CEO and President of the new company.

Lifestyle+Hotel Group’s Vice President of Development and Finance, Russ Taylor, hails from the Montgomery, Alabama area, bringing 20 years of experience in structuring equity transactions and managing assets across a diverse portfolio. The two previously worked together on the complex land acquisition and entitlement process for a planned beachfront development.

Said Shoaf, “To do this work well, you need the perfect combination of hardcore hospitality experience, creativity and passion, and an equally strong focus on all the financial and development details. I believe we have the team at Lifestyle+Hotel Group to achieve some new pinnacles and really get people excited about what we’re doing.”


Interested parties, please make note of new contact information for the company:

Lifestyle+Hotel Group
13123 E. Emerald Coast Parkway, Suite 135B
Rosemary Beach, FL 32461


CEO & President

Vice President – Development & Finance